Not so terrible twos


It’s hard to believe two years have gone by since we opened the doors to Fade Street Social. This month as we celebrate our second birthday we also celebrate two years of new beginnings for our Fade Street family.

Things in Fade Street Social haven’t always been like they are now. When we first moved in, the building couldn’t have looked more different.

We started off small (relatively speaking), with our Gastro Bar menu serving a completely different take on the tapas trend that’s swept across Dublin. While other restaurants were serving more traditional, Spanish style food, Dylan sought to change the way we see tapas. Now, two years later we’ve got one of the most eclectic menus around- and we’re adding to it constantly. But our tapas restaurant isn’t just about funky dishes in smaller sizes, it’s about experimenting with new flavours and trying new things.

After making it through a busy opening and taking the time to get on our feet, we opened the restaurant- a tribute to all things Irish. With a separate kitchen and dining room, the restaurant is all about showcasing Dylan’s flare for modern Irish cuisine, using only home-grown produce.

To keep things moving forward, last spring we officially launched our cocktail bar, a throwback to the wild Dublin of the early 1900’s. Staying true to our neighbourhood and Dublin city roots, we’ve recreated a bit of the past upstairs in Fade Street. Our signature cocktails are inspired by some of Dublin’s infamous characters, and they’ve shown Dylan’s creativity and talent for flavour in a more spirited form.

Suffice it to say, two hasn’t been terrible for us. Now, celebrating our second birthday, we’re looking forward to another exciting year in business.

Part of what makes Fade Street Social so special is our loyal fan base. We’re lucky to have the support of customers in Dublin and all over Ireland, who join us again and again, whether for a sneaky drink, a quick bite or a special occasion.

Just as vital to our success is our Fade Street family. We’ve got some very special staff members, many of whom have been a part of our team since before we opened. Some have joined us in Dublin to open the restaurants, while others have moved from other venues to get us up and running. We’re lucky enough to have some truly dedicated employees and they make the environment in Fade Street Social one that customers want to keep coming back to.

Thank you to our devoted staff and our faithful customers, it’s been a fun two years, and we’re excited for many more to come!

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Fade Street Social, Dublin Restaurant by Dylan McGrath
Fade Street Social, Dublin Restaurant by Dylan McGrath