A harsh reality


homeless3Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be invisible?

Currently in Dublin and throughout the country there are hundreds of homeless struggling to survive. As the nights grow longer and colder, it’s becoming more difficult for them to carry on, despite the ongoing efforts of charities like Focus Ireland and the Simon Community.

It’s easy to overlook these people. It’s easy to make snap judgements and assumptions, something unfortunately we’re all guilty of. It’s easy to walk by without even sparing a glance. It’s easy for us to make other human beings invisible.

But the truth is every person living on the street has a story to tell. While their lives have taken different paths than they intended, it’s not for us to judge or presuppose. It’s for us to lend a hand in whatever form we’re able.homeless2

Recently, the death of John Corrie sparked outrage across Ireland and lead many to question the policies in place to aid the homeless. More importantly, it’s generated awareness, an outpouring of empathy and showed us that there’s so much more we can do.

During the holiday season, when many of us are lucky enough to be stressing about buying the right gifts and getting bookings in busy restaurants, it’s important that we spare a moment to think of those doing without. It’s important to realise that little gestures make a difference, and that we’re more capable of caring for one another than we might think.

homelessThis year, there’s more we can all do to show make sure all of Dublin’s citizens are seen. Join us and help our nation’s charities help our people.







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Fade Street Social, Dublin Restaurant by Dylan McGrath
Fade Street Social, Dublin Restaurant by Dylan McGrath