New Year, new you?


resolutionLike clockwork, after everyone crawls out of their beds on the 2nd or maybe even 3rd of January, we’re inundated with notions of “New Year, new me!” For some, it’s a gentle reminder to eat more greens and smile at strangers (the value of which we can’t deny) but for others, it’s a full blown, guilt- ridden epiphany.

Each year at this time, we seem to do a better job than before at highlighting all the aspects of our lives that we need to change immediately. Something about January inspires an often temporary need for upheaval. What we want to know is why do we do it year after year?

December couldn’t be more exciting, with friends coming together, loved ones coming back from abroad and families spending quality time.grafton

Sure, we may overindulge on the odd night out or allow ourselves a champagne breakfast or two, because it’s Christmas, after all. But for the majority of us, it’s a time of celebration, and does it seem slightly odd that all this comes crashing to a halt in the first week of January?

We say yes, that’s odd indeed! The ushering in of a new year needn’t be cause for stress or anguish, and we don’t have to pick apart all of our little quirky habits or dissect our past month’s diet over a serving of carrot sticks and guilt.new year's diet

Instead of overwhelming ourselves with this obligation to end all of the celebrating we did over the last month, shouldn’t we be looking excitedly forward to reaching new potentials in the upcoming year?

Perhaps in rebellion of this idea that we have to change everything in order to be productive, we’re setting a little new year’s resolution of our own for 2015.

This year at Fade Street Social, we’re going to make a bigger effort to value the little things that make our restaurant and our job so special.

Our goal is to keep the warm atmosphere you love in Fade Street Social, to spend the year appreciating what really counts: fresh produce from our Irish suppliers and the best beef, fish and poultry our country has to offer. Delicious handcrafted drinks made by our talented bar team. Celebrating the little joys that every day brings with you, our most loyal fans.DSC_7363-2-Edit

We don’t think we need to turn everything inside out in January… Instead, we’re going to dedicate each and every day to doing what we do best- bringing together family and friends in Fade Street Social.

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Fade Street Social, Dublin Restaurant by Dylan McGrath
Fade Street Social, Dublin Restaurant by Dylan McGrath