Dine in Dublin – a new tradition


DID Logo ProperA walk down most streets in Dublin city centre is all it takes to see that this is a town full of food lovers. From family-run, neighbourhood cafes to Michelin starred restaurants, variety is the beating heart of the Dublin food scene.

While restaurants necessarily compete for business, in Dublin, they also come together as a community to promote their passion for food- something everyone agrees with.

In an effort to introduce visitors and locals alike to new dining experiences, the good folks at We Are Dublin Town brought us Dine in Dublin, a week-long celebration of Dublin restaurants. It’s a chance for participating venues to show off some of their signature dishes, as well as for fans to try restaurants they’ve been interested in for a while or to return to their old favourites for a treat.

This month, Dine in Dublin celebrates its sixth year, and alongside some of Dublin’s most well-loved restaurants and cafes, we celebrate their passion for bringing the best food our city has to offer to more plates than ever before.We Are DublinTown - Black

In six years, Dine in Dublin has evolved from a small festival for in-the-know foodies to an event that the entire city looks forward to. Each year, more and more restaurants have joined the line-up, all adding their unique flavour. This year, over 40 restaurants are joining in and what’s more, they’re not competing with one another.

What makes Dine in Dublin so unique is that it gives us the chance to come together to showcase the food we are so proud of. It’s a completely different platform for restaurants to demonstrate their passion to their fans, and it gets Dublin foodies excited.

DSC_8985If you haven’t yet, check out Dine in Dublin this month, running from the 23rd of February to the 1st of March. We’re proudly offering a special menu- and looking forward to seeing what our neighbours are serving up.



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Fade Street Social, Dublin Restaurant by Dylan McGrath
Fade Street Social, Dublin Restaurant by Dylan McGrath